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Agents: Forget the TO-DO-LIST, do this instead…

Time is the ultimate equalizer. We all have the same amount of physical time each day. Doesn’t matter who you are, we are all bound by the 24-hour clock. Managing my daily productivity level is one of my greatest struggles as a business owner, but it is also one of my...

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Finding Success in Uncomfortable Places

  One of my first jobs as a kid (like many) was mowing lawns. My Dad was a teacher at the local college and had extra time in the summers. One summer he took over a friend’s landscaping business.   This was more than just a side job; he had a bunch of equipment...

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Sharpening My Axe

Last week was the first class I’ve officially taught to real estate agents for CE credits and it was first time teaching the Real Estate Firefighting course. The class was packed with a mix of veteran agents to the newly licensed. I personally thought the class went...

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